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Friday, May 26, 2006

Time to use my power

I have been thinking about this quite abit this week. After posting about my new found power over the Fox Broadcasting corporation I recieved several requests to use my powers for good and to have them bring back one of the best television shows ever created, Arrested Development.

So here is how this is going to work. We are going to answer a simple question in the form of a poll to send our wishes out into the world and let Fox know that they simply Must bring back Arrested Development.

The reason that we are doing this as a poll is that I feel that, even though my powers over fox are strong enough to kill off a character on The OC, we may need to band together and form a "Super Power" if you will to bring back Arrested Development.

Remember it is imperative that you respond to this poll, the FUTURE OF THE WORLD as we know it may very well depend upon it.

And please Answer honestly.

Thanks For Participating.

Click HERE for your prize.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Fox Broadcasting Listens To Me About The OC

It wasn't untill this evening that I realized how much power I hold over the world.

Several weeks ago I posted a list of the five most useless Americans, and Mischa Barton was included on my list.

WARNING: If you have not yet seen this weeks episode of "The OC" then reading that Mischa Bartons character, Marissa Cooper, has been killed off is likely to be a spoiler, so don't read this.

Apparently the writers of the hit show "The OC" were so concerned by my disapointment, and so fearful of losing my devotion to the show if they kept her on, that they acually killed off her character just to appease me.

Well, let me tell you. I had heard before that Bloggers had power and influence but this is crazy. I make one simple post and BAM, they sort things out for me so that I'm happy again.

This is great.

But, It makes me feel concerned that I may be tempted to abuse my new found power. (Bring back Futurama.)

But I think that if I focus then I might be able to contain myself. (Bring back Futurama.)

Its always nice to know that people are reading the posts that your write, but it is incredably nice to know that my posts are actually dictating how Fox Broadcasting decides on their content, and how they develop and direct their shows. (Bring back Futurama.)

So, Now that I know that I have the attention of Fox Broadcasting I would just like to quickly mention that you may wish to reconsider your cancellation of Futurama. And please bear in mind that I will be watching, and if I am unpleased again I will be forced to post it here, and we all know what that does.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Satan Sends Hanks and Howard Thank You Cards

It has been reported that this weekend Satan send out personal thank you notices to both Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, says a source close to the Prince of Darkness.

It seems that the Devil is very pleased with the upcomming release of the new film "The Davinci Code". It is not because of the "Heretical Theories" or "The Shaking of Faith" that Satan is happy about.

No it is something far more subtle.

Apparently he is simply thankful for the peace and quite that he has experienced over the last several months as all of the "right wing nut jobs" have been protesting this film instead of actually putting up a front to stop evil.

Apparently now that their attention has been focused on the release of the film, Satan has been able to relax and experience some much needed R&R.

Representatives of the Devil commented "That the distraction of the Davinci Code has been a blessng."

They inform us that the breakdown in vigilance against true evil has allowed the Devil to conduct several activities that he usually dosn't have time for.

It is rumoured that he spent yesterday Golfing with American President Bush, and that in the evening he enjoyed a nice BBQ and some drinks with friends.

When asked about the huba-baloo surrrounding the Davinci Code he responded that He thought he might go see it, but that recent increases in theater ticket prices may force him to wait for its release on DVD.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Don't Really Have Anything Against the Blind....

Or the Amish for that matter.

But if I did this would be the perfect spot to talk about it as neither group would ever know, right.

The blind do however raise a few concerns for me. As a person with full visual capabilities I rarely (Okay, I Never) give any thought to what it would be like to live without sight.

I am consoled by the fact that most people do not give it any thought whatsoever either.

Infact the blind have many maore friends and supporters than they may even realize. People who obviously believe that the blind can do Anything that a person with vision can do.

Take for example the ability to drive. A person with proper vision takes this for granted and drives around all day on their merry little way. Sure a blind person may be physically capable of operating a vehicle, but they can't see where there going right?

So does this mean they should be allowed to drive?

I say NO! Emphatically NO!

If you can't see then don't drive, sounds simple. Would you drive around with your eyes closed, or blindfolded? No, (Well probably no).

But our world shows that there may infact be people who believe that the blind are out their driving around and performing thier daily activities in a car!!!!

How do I know this you may ask?

Simple I've seen proof. And so have you, you just might not have "seen" what you were looking at.

Next time you are going through a drive thru bank, take a second and analyze the keypad. Do you see it? Yep, its right there. Braille. Yep, look again, It's really there.

The only plausable reason for including Braille on a drive through ATM is that the bank feels that its customers need this service. This service is obviously included for all of the banks blind drive thru customers.

This realization that many drivers are legally blind certainly helps to explain some of the things that I have seen other drivers do. It's all starting to make sense now.

Leave a comment and let eveyone know if you think that Blind people should be allowed to continue driving themselves around?

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Quick Poll About President Bush

I saw something like this on the Daily Show a while back and thought I would give it a try here.

Don't forget every vote counts. Well, it does on American Idol anyways.

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Time For Something Positive

Well I have been ranting for a while now about things that bug me or get under my skin, and I began to think that It was high time that I talk about something that I like rather than something that P!$$E$ me off.

So here goes.

I like chicken.

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